24Kae Giftcard (digitaal)

24Kae Giftcard (digitaal)


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Ring Size chart

Ring sizes

The rings of 24Kae are available in 7 different sizes. The sizing starts at size 48 and goes up to size 60. Not sure what size you need? Then you can measure yourself with the help of this explanation;

There are several ways to determine your size. You can use a ring you are already wearing by placing it along a ruler and measuring the exact inner size in millimetres. This is the diameter of the ring. (Left on the table)

You can also use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your finger in millimetres. Wrap the tape around the finger on which you want to wear the ring. The result determines the size you need. (On the right side of the table)

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Want to gift a 24Kae item, but not sure which style or size to pick? Surprise your best friend, family member or partner with our 24Kae giftcard. This way they can pick their favorite item theirselves and you are guaranteed to have a great gift! Mind that this is a digital giftcard. You will receive a 'gift' mail, which you can send as a present.

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