24Kae for Free a Girl
Since one year I have been a proud ambassador for Free a Girl and I want to stand up for their mission. The Free a Girl foundation aims to free girls worldwide from sexual exploitation. It is a cause that...
Happy unpacking
We all know the feeling; you've just ordered something pretty for yourself, you got the mail it is on it's way to you and now you can't wait till it's here. (BTW I can't be the only one whose name the postman knows by heart, right?) Anyway, unpacking is one of my favorite things ever!  I wanted to spend some extra attention to the packaging of 24Kae items. This way every package is like a small gift, for someone else or just to yourself. Happy unpacking! Love, Kae
Meet my Sisterhood
The greatest source of inspiration for me are the beautiful women I have in my life. They are my sisterhood and they all play a valuable role in their own way. Each of these women have qualities that I admire and appreciate very much. They inspire me and help make me who I am today. That is why I wanted to commemorate these women and their beautiful qualities in the collection by creating a special piece inspired by each of them. I will be launching many more special Sisterhood items, but you can check the items that are already launched here, like the Vivian, Loua and Inge collection!
A thing for classic chains
It was important to me to design beautiful, timeless pieces. Jewelry you can wear for a long time and that remain their beautiful, both in quality as well as style. This is why I wanted to give a twist to the classic chain by merging and alternating different sizes and kinds of chains in my designs. So it’s a timeless mix between classic and modern. The chains as seen on the photo can be found in our 24Kae bracelets and necklaces. You can mix and match them to create an arm or neck party. For inspiration on how to create this look yourself you can check out the inspiration page.
A marble love story
 24Kae loves marble! Our displays are the result of a special collaboration with Solid Nature. They make beautiful custom displays from remnants of natural stones and marbles. Because they reuse residual material, no display is the same and they are all unique. We even use the smaller (debris) pieces as beautiful surfaces for our jewelry. These 24Kae displays are also to be found at our retail outlets. As a result, the 24Kae jewelry looks even more beautiful and it makes us want to shop till we drop as well! Besides that, the colors of the natural stones and marbles fit perfectly into the beige and pastel color palette that we love so much.
Meet our iconic 24Kae coin
You can recognize our jewelry by our 24Kae logo. Our earrings and rings are engraved with it and the necklaces and bracelets are provided with our iconic 24Kae coin. On the front side you will find our logo printed and the back is in our favorite color: (you guessed it…) beige! So you can always tell if you have a real and authentic 24Kae piece in your hands.