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24Kae for Free a Girl

Since one year I have been a proud ambassador for Free a Girl and I want to stand up for their mission. The Free a Girl foundation aims to free girls worldwide from sexual exploitation. It is a cause that is close to my heart. Unfortunately, young girls in countries such as India, Thailand, Nepal or Brazil often fall prey to human trafficking and sexual exploitation. They are trapped and have no way out. They often have no one around them to help them and that is why Free a Girl is there for these girls. Every single day they do whatever they can to free these girls. Every girl who is held in captivity and who is a victim of human trafficking and sexual exploitation deserves the help of the Free a Girl foundation. They just don't have enough resources to free every girl yet. For 24Kae, I therefore wanted to create a special 'Free A Girl' bracelet, from which the total proceeds will go to this beautiful cause. With this I hope to be able to contribute through 24Kae as well. With our support they can hopefully free many more girls from these difficult situations.

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