About Kae


Kae Sutherland

Behind 24Kae is Kae Sutherland and everything that inspires her. Born and raised in Amsterdam. Kae attempts to be a creative kid, with innocent businesses at a young age. She started documenting her life, she always did since she loved taking pictures and capturing memories. Kae has now built up a large group of Instagram followers consisting of 196K followers. Since 2020 she puts all her experience and passion for jewelry into her own brand 24Kae.

You will find her love for pastel and beige tones in every collection. But also classic chains and vintage inspired designs. The collection represents her personal style perfectly. Ever since she became a mother, she realized even more how much the women she has gathered around her mean to her. ‘Because of them, I became the woman I am today.’ They are her Sisterhood and she will include all these women in 24Kae in a special way with their own jewelry piece or collection.